Synod 2017

Bishop Donald J Hying, spiritual leader of the Catholic Diocese of Gary, has sponsored a diocesan Synod 2017.  Please visit The Diocese of Gary, for information from Bishop Donald J. Hying on the Synod purpose, process and post-synod pastoral response.

Important for all the faithful of the Diocese of Gary, the bishop’s response includes the key initiatives and strategies t hat were identified as priorities at the June 2017 synod process, as well as next steps for implementation as we move into growing the future of our diocese, parishes and organizations.

In this spirit, St. Ann’s Synod Team met jointly during 2018 with St. Patrick’s team on a monthly basis to discuss Synod issues and to select three topics of interest to our parish. The topics chosen by our team were (1) Evangelization, (2) Marriage and Family, and (3) Sacraments, Prayers, and Worship.

At this time, we concluded our joint meetings and St. Ann’s team has prepared a Parish Synod Action Plan.

St. Ann of the Dunes will continue to witness its faith community amongst local community members, and carry the message of the gospel by maintaining a continuing presence in the community.  St. Ann of the Dunes will hopefully expand its presence using all means of communication available in this modern and contemporary society in order to witness to Christ’s message.

St. Ann of the Dunes will help people who have lived on the margins of the Church (single parents, divorced couples, and non-traditional families) to experience a warm and loving invitation to worship with church members.  We will embrace our new and continuing members and help them to enhance their faith in our parish community.

As we seek to implement this pastoral plan, we seek God’s guidance in reaching out to new parishioners while nourishing our existing family of faith at St. Ann of the Dunes.

I would like to personally thank Parish Delegates for their consistent work with the Synod project, in particular Jim Oates, Janine Girzadas, Phil Farese, Sister Melanie Rauh, and Phil and Cindy Hargarten. I would also like to thank members of the Pastoral Council and other parishioners who provided input.

Fr. John, Pastor