Saint Ann’s Guild

Saint Ann's Guild

Spiritual & Temporal Nourishment for our Parish

History, Purpose & Structure

St. Ann’s Guild was originally formed during the early years of our Parish as a fundraising organization for the current and on-going needs of the Parish.  St. Ann’s Guild was re-established in the Fall of 2014 with a two-fold goal and purpose:  SPIRITUAL and TEMPORAL.

St. Ann’s Guild will address all pressing needs of the present with an unconditional commitment to an on-going support of the Parish Mission.  St. Ann’s Guild will function under the auspices of the Parish and will encompass fundraising activities and  support programs other than those fulfilled by existing Parish Commissions.

Membership will be open to all parishioners and friends of the parish.  St. Ann’s Guild Board members will serve at the discretion and selection of the Pastor.

Current Board Members are:

President:  Joe Estep


For its Spiritual component, St. Ann’s Guild will initially be responsible for the following:

Planning and organizing the celebration honoring St. Ann on her Feast Day, July 26th.

Maintaining Parish Memorial and Donor plaques that are designed to honor our parishioners who during their lifetime left a lasting imprint on St. Ann of the Dunes Parish Community through a positive, exemplary and   active involvement towards building St. Ann’s Christian Community in the true spirit of the Gospel.

Occasionally hosting speakers at periodic member meetings on topics that encourage a deepening of our faith.


For its Temporal component, St. Ann’s Guild will initially be responsible for the following:

Providing material support for all endeavors necessary to secure a viable, functioning parish.

“Fundraising Events such as the Rummage Sale, Raffle, Silent Auction / Wine Tasting and Chili Lunch will be conducted by their current Leadership Teams in coordination with St. Ann’s Guild.

“Social Events such as Chili Lunch, Oktoberfest and Pancake Breakfast will remain with their respective Commissions.

St. Ann’s Guild will accept donations from parishioners  and friends of the parish including those earmarked for specific  purposes as well as accommodating bequests.

St. Ann’s Guild will contribute to all parish current and  on-going needs as determined by the Pastor and the respective Councils supporting our Parish Mission.

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