Good news, we have reintroduced a Saint Ann of the Dunes Bulletin beginning this weekend.  It will only be available, however, in an electronic pdf format until COVID-19 restrictions permit a hard copy to be printed.

Many thanks to our Bulletin Advertisers, they make publishing our bulletin possible.  Please support each and every one of them.

If you would like to advertise in our bulletin, please contact the Parish Office.




To advertise in our bulletin, please contact Mary Lou Marshall at (219) 879-7565 or e-mail at stannesdunnes@comcast.net.

Bulletin Ads will be taken on a yearly basis only with our fiscal year beginning on each July 1st.  New ads will run beginning in September thru the following August.

For weekly publication, please contact our parish office at (219) 879-7565 or e-mail at stannesdunnes@comcast.net.  In order to be considered for weekly publication, all material must be e-mailed by Tuesday morning prior to the publication week-end.  No hand-written or faxed material will be accepted.