St Ann Of The Dunes

Welcome to St. Ann of the Dunes Church in Beverly Shores Indiana

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Mass is held at 6:00 PM on Saturday evening and on the third Sunday of the month there is an 8:00 AM Mass.

A Lithuanian Mass is held on the third Sunday of every month at 1:00 pm.

If you have been sick over the last 14 days, have a fever or a cough, please stay at home. Please be considerate for everyone’s safety.

St. Ann of the Dunes Parish Office Hours
Tuesday - Thursday 9 a.m. - 1 p.m.


Thank You and God Bless You

Christmas at Saint Ann 2021


We are a unique, caring, Christian family of the Catholic faith, co-creative of the Kingdom of God, worshiping and witnessing together in love and joy. We are composed of people from diverse backgrounds who accept personal responsibility for the stewardship of St. Ann's resources (people and talents) and who strive for full and equal participation among all of its community. We, by interaction with and responsibility to a diverse community, are enriched through worship, education, service, and living examples of Christ's teaching.